Opulence - 7.3% ABV - Our flagship IPA. Double dry-hopped with Citra, Simcoe and Mosaic. A balance of base malts and a variety of caramels gives a creamy balance to more than one pound of hops in each 1/6 keg.

72 Nelson - 7.4% ABV - Grape undertones are highlighted by the Nelson hops and balanced with Citra and Mosaic. The name is inspired by the address of our loving grandparents.

Azure - 7.0% ABV - Dry-hopped with Citra and Mosaic, this IPA includes a French saison yeast to give a crisp, bready finish.

Ambrosia - 7.3% ABV - Think citrusy oranges when drinking this IPA that features the Amarillo hop. Easily drinkable at a lower ABV than its big brother Veracity.

Double ipa

Citra Citra - 8.7% ABV - Double dry-hopped with a load of Citra hops makes this a juicy, citrusy refresher, even at its high ABV.

Profusion - 9.2% ABV - The double version of our flagship Opulence. It includes 50% more Citra, Simcoe and Mosaic and an enhanced malt blend.

Veracity - 9.0% ABV - Double dry-hopped with Amarillo. A juicy double with a variety of oats and a blend of caramel malts.

Multiflora - 9.7% ABV - Double dry-hopped with Mosaic; aromatic and floral. Winner of 2016 Best Hops on the Hudson.

Toasted Marshmallow - 9.5% ABV - Our DIPA recipe with toasted marshmallows. A truly unique blend of hops and the roasted, mellow sweetness of campfire toasted marshmallow.

Passiflora - 9.6% ABV - Passiflora is the South Pacific version of our Multiflora DIPA. Coming in at 9.6% and utilizing a blend of New Zealand hops, this brew produces notes of guava, citrus, and passionfruit. Passiflora is the genus of several plants, one of which grows passionfruit. So, yeah....that's where we got that.

Pacific Punch - 9% ABV - A double IPA featuring a blend of South Pacific hops. Notes of citrus, freshly squeezed lemon, lime, fresh peaches and apricot compliment a hop profile akin to a fruit cup.

Citra Citra Citra - 8.2% ABV - Triple-dry hopped version of our Citra Citra DIPA.

Multiflora TDH (triple-dry hopped) - 9.6%ABV - Triple-dry hopped version of our Mosaic DIPA, Multiflora.

Mango Colada - 8.2% ABV - Our Pina Colada DIPA with mango. Double dry hopped with a variety of citrusy hops, we then added Madagascar vanilla bean, coconut, pineapple and mango puree.

Higher Opulence - 8.2% ABV - Our flagship IPA upped to a double. This time we dry hopped three times. Twice with Mosaic, Simcoe, and Citra pellets, and a third time with lupulin powder.

American Pale Ale

Goldenrod - 6% ABV - A backyard crusher. Dry-hopped with Citra, this is our choice on a hot summer afternoon.

Flora - 6.7% - Slightly lower ABV than our typical IPA, this is our ode to the Mosaic hop. A hoppy bouquet that's dangerously drinkable.

Cream Ale

Coconut Creme - 9.8% ABV -  Madagascar vanilla bean and pounds of toasted coconut are added to a base that features rice and lactose for a liquid glass of Coconut Creme Pie. Occasionally aged in rum barrels.

Coffee Crumb Cake - 10.2% ABV - Cold brewed coffee, vanilla bean, raw cinnamon and Turbinado sugar are added to a creamy base. Enjoy with breakfast or dessert.

Apple Crumb Cake - 9.8% ABV - Apples, vanilla bean, raw cinnamon and Turbinado sugar combine for a sweet glass of apple pie. A Belgian yeast balances the sweetness for a dangerously drinkable high ABV ale.

Rum Raisin - 9.8% ABV - Cream ale aged on heaping portions of raisins inside rum barrels.


Imperial Stout - 11.3% ABV - Made with chocolate and roasted malts, balanced with generous amounts of oats. A bold, smooth mouthfeel compliments the roasty finish. Look for various barrel-aged versions.

Maple Bacon - 12.2% ABV - Imperial stout bombed with pure maple syrup and bacon. Breakfast in a glass.

Toasted Marshmallow - 11.3% ABV - Imperial stout with Madagascar vanilla bean, burnt sugar and marshmallows; think s'mores.

Creme Brulee - 11.3% ABV - Vanilla and burnt sugar combine for a beer subtly reminiscent of the classic French dessert.

Amaretto - 11.2% ABV - Imperial stout with large portions of toasted coconut and whole almonds added.

Tiramisu - 11.3% ABV - Imperial stout with cacao nibs and cold brewed coffee.

French Toast - 10.8% ABV - Imperial stout with Madagascar vanilla bean, pure maple syrup, burnt sugar, raw cinnamon and nutmeg aged in bourbon barrels. Boozy brunch with a punch.

Red Bean Stout - 11.3% ABV - Our Imperial Stout with Japanese Red Bean and Madagascar vanilla beans. A truly unique stout that starts sweet and finishes savory.

Brunch - 10.8% ABV - Decadent Ales Brunch is our imperial stout brewed with Kona coffee and maple syrup. Chocolate and roasted malts balance the profile. The added vanilla and bourbon from the barrel make this a decadent brew.


Quadrupel - 12.2% ABV - Notes of raisins, figs and other dark fruits give a backbone to the sweet nature of this Belgian style Quad. Occasionally aged in brandy barrels.

Mocha Barleywine - 11.1% ABV - Cacao nibs, cold brewed coffee and Madagascar vanilla bean. Aged in bourbon barrels, this is as complex as it gets.

Port Barleywine - 11.2% ABV - Aged in port barrels with raisins and figs. Madagascar vanilla beans and the oak from the barrel ties together all flavors in this strong yet decadent brew. 

Irish Coffee Old Ale - 11.2% ABV - Decadent Ales Irish Coffee Old Ale style beer aged on Irish whiskey barrels. We added cold brewed coffee and Madagascar vanilla bean.